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High Heels, Slippery Floors


With our help, your firm can get ready for victory, using our experience based knowledge as a strong foundation for your case. We're ARW Studios LLC, a Kentucky based Stone Consulting Agency with a proven track record of supporting litigation attorneys dealing with collapsing benches, crumbling stairways, fountains and falling cornices. Or, establishing provenance to evaluate the real dollar value of anything made of stone. We'll give you the attention you deserve, offering a quick, reasonably priced assessment of why something happened, or of replacement costs.

Safety Through Experience


Exceeding Your Expectations

     ARW Studios LLC exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. While we are primarily a stone fabrication business, our experience qualifies us as experts for analysis of accidents involving stone structures. Initial consultation is fundamental to understanding the challenges, and creating a strategy to succeed. When for example, a structure collapses, it’s always due to either an unforeseen catastrophic event, or the lack of maintenance, or improper assembly at the outset. In many cases, particularly with donated items, institutions which receive them will use unqualified staff for assembly to cut costs. Over time, such actions will show themselves through deterioration or failure. An expert opinion of why and when a fatal error was made, and by whom, will be of essential value. Was the assembly done improperly? Would the piece have lasted with essential maintenance? Were the materials unsuitable for the climate? These and other questions will be answered by us at the initial consultation, not in technical jargon, but in terms non technicians can easily understand. 

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We'll work with you to analyze what caused structural failure to complement your legal research. It could be poor assembly, the wrong materials, inadequate fasteners, or something else. Don’t worry, we’ve seen it all. Our experts will view the situation on site and tell your team within hours what went wrong. In extraordinary circumstances we have contacts around the world who can provide samples of stone and fastening materials from anywhere.

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ARW Studios will help your firm flatten the road ahead by providing you with insights into an industry very few people understand. We bring decades of experience with experts, in the Italian stone towns around Carrara, to your associates when they can’t find qualified people in this field. A lawsuit can be supported by incisive expert testimony. Preparation for depositions is one of our key strengths, and we know well the traps defense counsel can set for us. We’re happy to conform to the legal strategy your team plans, and will do everything we can to support it, including international research travel. Rest assured, we won’t miss a thing.

Contact us and find how our services can benefit your case. It's free, and could be very useful.

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